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Data Paths and Folder Structure
Data Paths and Folder Structure

Default paths and folder structure for the znnd node

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Data Paths

The Zenon Node znnd has the following default data paths:

  • Linux: ~/.znn

  • macOS: ~/Library/znn

  • Windows: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\znn

You can change the default DataPath using znnd --data "value"

Folder Structure

The Zenon Node has the following folder structure:

├── config.json - config file used by znnd
├── consensus - consensus DB used by znnd
├── genesis.json - genesis config file. Used to create the genesis Momentum
├── log - logs generated by znnd
│ ├── error - only error logs generated by znnd
│ │ └── zenon.error.log - latest logs - maxes out at 100MB
│ └── zenon.log - latest logs - maxes out at 100MB
├── network - network DB used by znnd
├── network-private-key - network identity
├── nom - nom DB used by znnd
├── syrius - syrius files
└── wallet - folder cointaining all keyFiles
├── user-1 - keyFile with custom name
└── z1qpnq2hl2... - keyFile with no custom name

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