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Filter Your Campaign Performance
Filter Your Campaign Performance
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Step 1: Visit Attribute

Visit our crypto affiliate system's performance dashboard named Attribute.

Step 2: Filter by Zenon Address

On the top right of the page you'll find a field with an input Filter by zenon address. Paste your Zenon address used while building your campaign link to filter your data.

Step 3: Filter by Date

Click on Date Range to filter between 2 dates, or preselect any default date views.

Step 4: Filter by Hourly Data

Click on the Hourly Data switch to enable data points on an hourly basis.

Step 5: Filter by Type

Click on All Data, Conversions or Page Views under the Explore sub-heading on the left of the table to pre-filter views.

Step 6: Filter Each Column

Click on each columns downwards pointing arrow to filter by condition or value.

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