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Generating Plasma for an Address
Generating Plasma for an Address

Fuse your QSR to generate plasma for an address

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ℹ️ Plasma fuels feeless transactions on NoM. Learn more about Plasma.

Generating Plasma

  1. Open your SYRIUS Desktop Wallet.

  2. Click on the gear ⚙️ icon in the top navigation menu.

  3. Under the Addresses list, select which address you'd like to generate Plasma-with. Note that the address must have a QSR balance. You may purchase wrapped QSR tokens on DEXes and bridge it to native QSR for use in the Network of Momentum using the NoM Bridge.

  4. Click on the Plasma tab in the top navigation menu.

  5. Under Plasma Options, enter the amount of QSR to use generate plasma. It's typically recommended to have 120 QSR fused to an address to have a High Plasma status.

  6. Under Plasma Options, click in the Beneficiary address field and then either enter the beneficiary address which'll receive the Plasma, or click on an address on the left of addresses under the Plasma Stats section, it'll automatically enter the address into the field. You may generate Plasma for any address, even one that doesn't belong to you.

  7. Click on Fuse.

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