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Delegating Your ZNN to a Pillar
Delegating Your ZNN to a Pillar

Earn ZNN rewards

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ℹ️ Delegators earn ZNN to support Pillars. Learn more about Delegating.

Delegating ZNN

  1. Open your SYRIUS Desktop Wallet.

  2. Click on the gear ⚙️ icon in the top navigation menu.

  3. Under the Addresses list, select the address you'd like to Delegate-with.

  4. Click on the Pillars tab in the top navigation menu.

  5. Under the Pillar List section, click on Delegate for the Pillar you'd like to delegate your addresses' balance-to. You may use the Zenon Delegation Calculator to estimate your yield. We operate 4 Pillars in the Network of Momentum. Feel free to delegate to any of our Pillars named ZenonORG | ZenonORG2 | ZenonORG3 | ZenonORG4 by clicking on each link. We maintain a top APR %, impeccable uptime and contribute to the network's growth initiatives with our brands and tools. Your delegation helps us fund these ventures.

  6. You may periodically claim your ZNN rewards under the Pillar Collection section.

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