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SYRIUS Desktop Wallet
Installing SYRIUS Desktop Wallet
Installing SYRIUS Desktop Wallet

Installing SYRIUS desktop wallet on macOs, Windows, Linux

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Step 1: Download

Download the latest version of SYRIUS from our library.

The downloaded file is named syrius-alphanet-macos-universal.dmg

Step 2: Verify Checksum (optional but recommended)

Verifying the checksum of the downloaded file helps ensure the integrity and authenticity of that file.

a) Visit Zenon Network's Official SYRIUS Repository and verify that your URL matches this URL exactly:

b) For the version downloaded, click on the Assets dropdown and then click on SHA256CHECKSUM.txt. This will download a file named SHA256CHECKSUM.txt onto your computer. Open that file. You'll see 3 hash values. Keep this window open, you'll need to compare the hash value for the row syrius-alphanet-macos-universal.dmg in the following steps.

c) On your keyboard click the command and spacebar keys simultaneously. A spotlight search bar will appear. Type the word Terminal and click return on your keyboard. A terminal window will appear.

d) In the terminal window, enter the following:

shasum -a 256

e) Enter an empty space after shasum -a 256

f) Find the file named SHA256CHECKSUM.txt on your computer and drag it into the Terminal window. Your Terminal window will show the path of the downloaded SHA256CHECKSUM.txt file. Click enter on your keyboard.

g) Your terminal will display something like this:

5db037b7a39fea63d102119197aa4653d23a8e68ea1c4b057590d061cd48aacf  /Users/<your-username>/Downloads/syrius-alphanet-macos-universal.dmg

f) Compare the hash value in the Terminal window to the hash value in Step 2 b) above.

h) If the values match exactly, you may continue to Step 3 below.

Step 3: Install

Double click on syrius-alphanet-macos-universal.dmg, an installation window will appear. Click hold and drag the s y r i u s icon on the left into the Applications folder on the right.

Step 4: Launch

From your Applications folder, double click on s y r i u s to launch the wallet.



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